It occurs that, somewhere in our life, we reach a peak where we feel that nothing can stop us anymore, that we hold everything under control and can manipulate whatever we want. After that, and because of our naive reflection, game's rules hit us harder then we would have expected, and they keep doing so until we can no longer resist. This results in a character mutation that blurs our personality and fill it with bad pixels.

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It is undeniably true that starting from this point, our vision and beliefs get mixed to become uncertainty; we lose everything in us, we lose control, accuracy, feelings, Cartesian reasoning and on top of that: the sense of defining objects and semantic incorporation; hence, the capacity of naming things in a convenient way vanishes.

These consequences, along with the nature of our mentality give us a multitude of output options where the changing variable is the second attribute. Activating these inputs through a psychological function takes us to the arrival set which is: Collapse Set.

Given a certain value from Collapse, which we call the output value, we can define the new state of mind that we’ll be placed in. To illustrate this, we’re going to take an input instance defined as follows: i1 = <consequences, personality> where personality is a person who is mentally strong, that carries pure feelings, act objectively to different types of situations, loves carrying people and posses a luxurious heart. Although this is a complex system –individual fields mean nothing on their own but when put together, they form a particular figure–the psychological function operates on each parameter separately. When you map strong mentality with the lack of control, you’ll have a lack of confidence as a result. Whereas putting together losing the Cartesian intuition and objectivity falling, we end up with a property called: unwise decisions, something that widens the gate of the aforementioned result in addition to losing the ability to feel properly. Chaining this list with the outcome of merging the incapacity of defining objects with the love of carrying people out will give us a sense of despair and an overwhelming irrational sensation of sadness.

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This sums up to a person that is destroyed completely and that won't bother considering rehabilitation. It will create a new structure full of rage –from an external view only–and negativity. These types of people merely expose what they are encountering, they try to get off of every situation without any outside help nor expressing how they are actually doing. All they know every time this situation occurs is that they become vulnerable and weak. And as time passes, as they get heavier than before; in addition, they tend to always run out of problems and push them away in order to stay in an equilibrium. This condition exacerbates till the day one person can no longer distinguish good from evil and solution from problem. Here, the sense of inner joy disappears completely from his dictionary.

It is remarkably true while examining this clinical case externally, that there exists no point of extraction to clean the dust and get them out of this fall. Either for them and their doctors, it sounds complicated enough; so raising the surrendering flag, accepting the new model and adopting new adjectives that draw the sense of negativity when describing their new personality would be the only option to live.
While being hard with ourselves is the only way to improve on a daily basis, digging the grave of some properties while being broken will just cause a brain damage and a psychological catastrophe. This generates the most suicidal thought: thinking that we are unable to handle further circumstances and our solving abilities have vanished.

This collapse while dark, hides the extreme light to overcome our fears and alterations and it is only through looking between gaps that we divide its complexity; the bridge to reach the other side is discussed further in this chain.

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